What is a BCBA?

Monday May 16, 2022 at 11:48 AM


What is a BCBA?

A BCBA, or Board Certified Behavior Analyst, plays an important role in a child’s ABA therapy journey. Ashlei Lewis, a BCBA and Assistant Clinical Director at our Livonia clinic, recently spoke with Metro Parent to share what goes on in the daily life of a BCBA and expectations a parent or guardian should have for their child’s BCBA.

To become a BCBA, one must obtain a master’s degree in a field such as applied behavior analysis, psychology, or education, complete certification coursework, work up to 2,000 supervised hours with clients, and pass the certification exam. Every 2 years, BCBAs must re-certify and complete continuing education credits.

BCBAs work to create individualized plans for children in ABA, including personal goals and how to achieve them. They work closely with behavior technicians by supervising the 1:1 therapy sessions to make sure the individualized plan is implemented correctly for the child. By analyzing client data, Ashlei shared that she is able to make appropriate adjustments in the plan if need be.

Ashlei explained that a high level of parental involvement is key to a child’s success in ABA therapy. It’s encouraged that parents set time aside to meet with their child’s BCBA to discuss programs being implemented and share any areas of concern they may see outside of the clinic.

“Our goal is to help children achieve success and help them navigate their community independently. We make sure the skills we teach stick.” says Ashlei. Because ABA therapy is not meant to continue throughout their whole lives, BCBAs work hard to ensure your child is as independently successful in the real world as possible.

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