Reading for Acceptance 2022

Friday April 8, 2022 at 1:45 PM


Reading for Acceptance 2022

As we get into Autism Acceptance Month, we would like to share a few books with you to help promote learning and acceptance. Our hope is that, in addition to finding these books enjoyable to read, you also gain some insight as to how autistic individuals perceive and process the world around them, and that you share these books with others to continue spreading love and acceptance in your community!

Today’s Menu: By Chef Chy

Written by Chykotana LLC

Today’s Menu By Chef Chy is a cookbook of recipes made by Cheyenne Owens, a six-year-old girl who is autistic and non-verbal. Her cooking adventure began when she surprised her grandmother with a bacon and egg breakfast one morning, and it was off to the races from that moment onward! You can purchase Chef Chy’s cookbook on Amazon by following this link and enjoy all of her recipes!

I Am Enough: Little 1’s Journey

Written and Illustrated by Erin Beal

This heartwarming story was written and illustrated by Erin Beal, who herself was diagnosed with autism at the age of 30, and is meant for all ages. The story follows Little 1, a numeral one born sans serif, or “without a flag”, who decides to leave their home in search of a place they belong after being bullied by their serif schoolmates. Throughout their journey, Little 1 encounters numerous new friends, including Terrible 2’s and Thorny 3’s. Hard copies of this book are currently unavailable, but you can click this link to purchase the digital copy on Blurb!

The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee

Written by Barry Jonsberg

Candice Phee is the heartwarming story about a twelve-year-old girl who has a few quirks, but also a kind heart and the determination to help her friends and family. She may have a unique approach to achieving her goals, but Candice will climb any mountain necessary to make them happen! Whether it’s helping a pet fish going through an identity crisis, a friend who thinks they’re from a different dimension, or a sick mom, Candice will do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone is absolutely, categorically happy. You can follow this link to buy the book on Amazon!

A Friend Like Simon

Written by Kate Gaynor and Illustrated by Caitriona Sweeney

This story is about a boy named Matthew and his new classmate, Simon. After meeting Simon and noticing that he’s little different from his other friends, Matthew isn’t sure if he wants to have ‘a friend like Simon’. However, a school trip to the funfair soon helps to change his mind! This heartwarming story helps teach young children to be mindful and embrace the differences between themselves and individuals with autism, as those differences can help you see things from a perspective you had never previously considered. You can click this link to purchase the book from Barnes & Noble on Paperback or eBook.

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