September Events!

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Sensory friendly fun is coming up near you! Check out these awesome events listed in Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia that you and your family will enjoy! Michigan Friday Frolic Dance @ Troy Community Center Friday, September 9 7pm-9pm 3179 Livernois … Continued

Learning About the IEP Process

With the start of the school year, there are ways to help your student prepare and get their school year off to an exceptional start. One of the most critical components of the success of your child’s school year is their Individualized Education Program (IEP). What is an IEP? An IEP is a written document … Continued

Reading for Acceptance 2022

Reading for Acceptance 2022 As we get into Autism Acceptance Month, we would like to share a few books with you to help promote learning and acceptance. Our hope is that, in addition to finding these books enjoyable to read, you also gain some insight as to how autistic individuals perceive and process the world … Continued

Upcoming Events for Autism Acceptance Month

Upcoming Events for Autism Acceptance Month Autism Society of Northwest Ohio 9th Annual Autism Walk – Sunday, April 3rd @10:00 AM Franklin Park Mall – 5001 Monroe St, Toledo, Ohio 43623 Come join the Autism Society of Northwest Ohio at the Franklin Park Mall to help raise autism acceptance and awareness within the community! Participants … Continued

Tips for Successful Community Outings

Tips for Successful Community Outings When planning a trip into the community, like grocery shopping or going to see a movie, it’s typically most easily done by getting everyone into the car together and taking care of everything at once. However, parents know that this isn’t always feasible, and sometimes special accommodations need to be … Continued

Functions of Behavior

Functions of Behavior When an individual has difficulty communicating their wants and needs to those around them through language, they tend to use their behaviors to get the job done. In a recent interview with Metro Parent, Nicolai Kowalski, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Assistant Clinic Director at our Sterling Heights clinic, explains what these … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions A new year means new possibilities. For you and your family, this could mean taking the opportunity to form good habits or begin learning new skills. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss a few different resolutions you can work towards with your children, regardless of their age! It’s important to set realistic goals … Continued

Tips for a Fun and Successful Halloween

Tips for a Fun and Successful Halloween Halloween is right around the corner, and while many children love getting dressed up and trick-or-treating, it can be a little more difficult for children with autism. In today’s blog, we wanted to provide some tips to help ensure everyone has a fun and stress-free Halloween! Allow extra … Continued

Fall Family Activities

Fall Family Activities The summer is over and cool weather is making its way back around, but there are still autism and sensory friendly events that the entire family can enjoy! With events listed in Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio, there’s bound to be something nearby that you and the family will enjoy! Michigan Events: Sunday, … Continued

Increasing Communication Skills for Children with Autism

Increasing Communication Skills for Children with Autism Communication is something that is often taken for granted, but for individuals with autism, the ability to communicate wants and needs can be difficult and frustrating. In a recent article with Metro Parent, Sterling Heights Clinical Director Christine Morelli discusses different ways to help children with autism to … Continued