Spotlight: BCBA Kaitlyn Brazeau Has Research Published

Friday April 21, 2017 at 3:17 PM


Our very own BCBA, Kaitlyn Brazeau, had her research published in the prestigious Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science this month! The study, which focused on ways to reduce anxiety in individuals with developmental disabilities in a professional interview setting, showed exciting promises. Highlights include:

– Showing that mindfulness and defusion were effective in improving job-interview performance
– Behavioral skills training are necessary to improve question-answering component of interviews
– Participants felt confident and likely to continue new skills learned after the study

We are so proud of Kaitlyn and her contributions to the field! Since its inception, Gateway has been supported by individuals like her that continue to bring the best of behavioral sciences to provide the very best therapeutic care to our clients.

A link to the study can be found here:

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