Job Success for Young People on the Autism Spectrum

Sunday August 11, 2019 at 2:15 PM


Job Success for Young People on the Autism Spectrum

Gaining one’s first job is a major milestone on the road to adulthood. For so many, working a job can teach lessons of value, serve as a source of pride, and instill a sense of independence. All young people should have the opportunity to access these same benefits, no less individuals with special needs. Unfortunately, teenagers and adolescents on the autism spectrum can face unique hurdles to gaining and keeping employment, and don’t always receive the support necessary to succeed.

Helping young adults with autism to overcome these challenges is the subject of a recent article, which features an interview with Liz Elias, in the August issue of MetroParent magazine. Liz is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and Assistant Clinical Director at Gateway’s Bingham Farms clinic. She is a passionate and caring clinician, who has achieved success in helping her clients on the autism spectrum gain the skills needed to secure a job.

In her interview, Liz explains the importance of laying the foundation for success early in life through the teaching of soft skills. These gains, in turn, can form the basis for teaching pre-employment skills and, eventually, self-advocacy skills, so that the individual can seek out and obtain necessary accommodations independently. For more of Liz’s insights into how family members can help prepare their loved ones for job success throughout childhood and adolescence, you can find the full text of the article in the August issue of MetroParent magazine or online at this link.

All of us at Gateway are extremely proud of Liz and her dedication to her clients. For more information on autism-related topics and upcoming events, follow our social media and blog posts. Until next time!

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