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Monday November 7, 2022 at 4:53 PM


Being aware and inclusive are wonderful ways to show respect to others who are different from the social norm. Around the holidays, almost everyone is thinking about what gifts they need to buy, what meals they plan to create, and maybe even how to save up for a ticket to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Thanks to these corporate companies like Walgreens, Best Buy, Meijer, and Target, that thrive on inclusion and differences, those who are disabled are able to become employed and save up for what matters most to them around the holidays.

“Over the last decade, Walgreens seized new opportunities to design facilities and training programs to create even more opportunities for people with disabilities through two signature programs- Transitional Work Group Program and Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative.” According to their site, Walgreens has always hired people with disabilities and strived to foster a fully inclusive work engagement. For more information on Walgreens’ work culture, click here.

If you’re more interested in the tech side of things, Best Buy has been recognized as a 2022 top place to work for disability inclusion. They’ve made the list by Disability Equality Index 8 years in a row! “At Best Buy, we pride ourselves on creating an impactful and inclusive workplace for all employees. We have employee accommodations and mental health resources for our employees.” Click here to learn more about the employee resources and careers at Best Buy.

Right along Best Buy, Meijer has received the title of Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion from the Disability Equality Index for 6 consecutive years! Kayleigh Fongers, who wrote this article on Meijer, explained that the mission of mDAAG (Meijer Disability Awareness and Advocacy Group) is to advance the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by serving as a resource and liaison on issues of disability inclusion and equality. To read more about Meijer’s employee inclusion, click here. To pursue a career at Meijer, click here.

Target is always giving us reasons to love the store! The Disability & Mental Health Business Council is one of 7 Diversity and Inclusion councils at Target. “To truly live out our joyful purposes, we offer our team members a place to feel connected and included. We love creating joyful moments that all of our guests can enjoy.” Click here to check out how Target creates an easy access shopping experience at each store.

It’s fantastic to see all of these big corporation companies being inclusive and diverse. Everyone deserves a chance to show their work ethic and make an earning to be able to spend on what or who they want, especially with the busy holiday season approaching. We hope this blog can be beneficial to you or a loved one that has interest in a job. Happy Holidays!

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