Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday May 14, 2017 at 12:37 PM


We at Gateway want to wish all moms out there a happy Mother’s Day! We are proud to have so many incredible moms who are members of the Gateway family here and that do so much to love and support their children and families. Mothers with children with special needs, in particular, face many unique challenges in raising their kids: from making time to get everything done, to constantly providing empathy and emotional support to difficult behavior issues, to making countless personal sacrifices to better the lives of their loved ones.

If you or a friend knows a special-needs mom in the community, here are some things you can do to show your appreciation:

1. Include her in some of your social activities, whether it’s the neighborhood potluck or catching up over coffee. Understand that many opportunities might not be possible due to many circumstances, but the thought DOES count in helping moms feel a part of the community.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask if her kids can have playdates with your own; you might not always know what to say or experience uncomfortable moments during get-togethers, but encouraging them and being nonjudgmental will be really welcoming.

3. If she attends the same religious or community organization regularly with her kids as you do, ask if there is anything you can do to help her out once in a while; even little things can make their days easier

We also want to give a well-deserved shout-out to some of our very own team member moms here at Gateway that dedicate their time, skills, and compassion to provide exceptional therapeutic care to our clients every single day: clockwise, from top left to bottom left: Reem, Maha, and Tala; Leann, Landen, and Elijah; Kathryn and Benjamin; Tori and Pierson; Dale and Miah; and Sam and JW. 

We hope all mothers today are appreciated for all that they do: have a wonderful day!

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