Happy Holidays

Tuesday December 24, 2019 at 3:30 PM


Happy Holidays from us at Gateway!

As the holidays approach we reflect back on the memories made during 2019. We feel fortunate to have such an incredible team here at Gateway that is able to find unique ways of spreading autism awareness and connecting with the community. This year our clinicians traveled across the nation, and even internationally, to attend ABA conferences as part of our mission to provide the best care for our families. From food drives to the Hero Walk, Gateway was able to partner with some fantastic organizations and provide support for those who are in need within the community. We discovered superheroes and wagon rides result in more enjoyable haircuts for our little ones! The team launched the BCBA speaker series aimed at providing additional guidance for our families that had questions on some difficult topics. One of our clinicians was able to publish her first book for children! Gateway was also able to open new clinics to continue our effort at sharing our values of compassion, respect, and quality care.

We are beyond grateful to our staff, to our clients and their families, and to our local community for all of their support and dedication during this past year. We hope to make 2020 just as impactful as 2019!

Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

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