Employee Spotlight: Max Torres & Jason Kurtzhals

Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 4:00 PM


Jason Kurtzhals

Behavior Technician

Before working at Gateway, Jason was in the Air Force from 2005-2009. He started off as military police and transitioned into working for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Jason has lived in Michigan for the majority of his life, however while serving in the military he lived in Texas, Korea, North Carolina, Washington, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Jason attended Baker College for his degree in Occupational Therapy. He enjoys the structured setting of the ABA therapy at Gateway, and believes the structured setting is also best for the kids he works with. Jason says, “It goes without saying that this job is also very rewarding. To see the kid’s progress day to day and to watch some of them graduate from our clinic is an amazing opportunity to be a part of.” Jason works with ages 3-17 both in-home and in-clinic. He likes both because they each provide their own unique style of advantages. In Jason’s spare time he and his family swim, fish, hike, and take their dog to the park.


Max Torres

Behavior Technician

Max is currently working with kids ages 3-14 at the Warren clinic and in-home. Max has been working at Gateway since November of last year. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Psychology. In his free time, Max usually plays ice hockey a few days a week and reads. Max learned he enjoyed working with Autistic children when he was in college from taking a class where he worked with kids. Max enjoys helping the kids improve and being goofy with them. He says, “Seeing progress in the children or just having a fun day can really make the rest of the day better, even if it’s not at work!”

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