What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is founded on decades of scientific investigation into the principles that govern learning and behavior. Practitioners of ABA apply these principles systematically in order to bring about meaningful, socially significant outcomes for their clients. While its potential applications are varied, ABA has been recognized most widely and consistently as a highly effective treatment for children on the autism spectrum, who can struggle to attain the milestones characteristic of typical development.

Parents of children with special needs often notice that basic skills like listening, attending, imitating, and communicating are lacking or slow to develop. Moreover, such children may also exhibit challenging behaviors that present a barrier to learning and instruction. While this can be disheartening for families to witness, there is much cause for hope. At Gateway, we recognize and value the potential of every client, and our team of expert ABA therapists works tirelessly to support your child in the reduction of challenging behaviors and the acquisition of foundational skills.

Proven Effective

The clinical team at Gateway understands the goals and desires of each of our clients, and we pride ourselves on achieving results. To this end, we rigorously collect and analyze treatment data so that you are able to see exactly how much progress your child is making.

Because this emphasis on data collection and scientific evaluation is a hallmark of ABA, some might think that treatment must be overly structured or rigid, but nothing could be further from the truth. ABA therapy at Gateway is a flexible and dynamic process. It is a highly individualized, client-centered approach that caters specifically to the issues your child is facing. We continually assess progress and use this information to inform treatment decisions, modifying our approach to provide support where it is most needed as your child continues to grow and develop.


While there are a variety of treatment options out there purporting to be effective, what sets ABA apart is the level of empirical support. Thousands of scientific research articles published over the past several decades have demonstrated the effectiveness of ABA interventions in addressing the many challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, from acquiring the most basic language skills to navigating complex social environments. This work has led to the recognition of ABA as the standard of care for those with special needs. When implemented and supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, ABA therapy is considered the single most effective way for individuals to overcome the constraints of autism and achieve their goals.


Our mission is to improve the lives of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum by providing best-in-class ABA therapy services. Through an abiding commitment to serving our community, supporting our employees, and, above all, enriching the lives of our clients, Gateway is dedicated to ensuring individuals with autism can grow and thrive.


The Gateway Promise

We live by one standard at Gateway: Excellence. Our clients and their families are always shown the highest level of compassion, respect, and quality of care. From spacious play areas to private treatment rooms to comfortable waiting rooms with HDTVs and Wi-Fi, each of our clinics provides an enriched, first-class environment where your child can thrive. If home is more convenient for you, we offer private in-home services at a schedule that works for you and your child.

Our goal is to make you feel at home from the moment you step through our doors or when we come to yours. At Gateway, you and your child are more than just familiar faces – you’re family.


Gateway’s commitment to excellence is not merely reflected in our facilities; it permeates everything that we do and applies, above all, to the standard of care we offer our clients. Our staff of over 600 employees at 10 different locations, across 3 states, provides first-class assessment, treatment and intervention services. At Gateway, we employ only the most qualified therapists with experience in treating a wide range of issues. Drawing on the diverse expertise of our clinical team, we will assemble a team of therapists that is ideally suited to meeting your child’s needs.


Using evidence-based ABA treatments, the team at Gateway is dedicated in its commitment to meeting your child’s goals. We work with clients to set a strategy for best results and are committed to providing quality care at the highest level.

From early learners struggling to attain foundational skills to older children working toward greater independence, Gateway’s therapy team works diligently to support our clients at every stage of development.


At Gateway, we seek to maximize the effectiveness of therapy in every way possible. This means using the newest technology at every turn and staying apprised of the latest advancements to better serve our clients. All our therapists are equipped with iPads featuring customized applications designed for children on the spectrum and hand selected with each individual client in mind.

Our treatment team continually analyzes data on your child’s progress, empirical reviews from clinicians, and observations from parents and caregivers to completely tailor the therapeutic experience. Gateway provides some of the most sensitive, evidence-based, and data-driven ABA therapy Michigan has to offer. Contact us today.

My son has progressed so much in the past year that not only I notice the changes, so has my family, friends and his teachers.